About Me

Hey beautiful humans, thanks for stumbling across my website! I'm an independent brand dabbling part-time in the world of jewellery. 

I'm based in London, have spend the past two years working for a Tech Company, and in September this year I started a two-year Masters at the Royal College of Art. I began making jewellery at university alongside my Mechanical Engineering degree and since moving to London I have turned my flat into a semi-functioning workshop so that I can design and make jewels for any legged creature that wants it (in the few hours of the week I have to spare!).

I aim to create beautiful jewellery at affordable prices, using great quality materials. I test each chain, charm and bead to ensure plating does not tarnish or wear quickly. Some materials with particularly long lasting colour and shine can be seen as 'LL' in the item description - look out for it!

Each piece is Made-to-Order by me which is one of the most sustainable ways of purchasing new products. Materials are sourced from within the UK where possible, with some necessary supplies coming from artisans abroad. 

Customised requests are happily accepted via Instagram DM or email :)

Big love to ya all,

Louisa x